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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I’m Tiffany the founder of A.I.M. for Healing, and I hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I strive to be authentic and caring throughout sessions. My clients experience this through a warm, non-judgmental environment, where they receive a genuine human being. I value being my clients' personal cheerleader to help facilitate growth and change throughout their lives. My role is to support clients through life’s ups and downs by, bringing awareness to the tools they hold within and helping them navigate through their journey to becoming their authentic selves.

I strive to focus on moving forward through collaborative, gentle nudges toward solutions and improvements. However, I recognize that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone has their own style and approach to doing things; therefore, I use a variation of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Restoration Therapy, and, Solution Focused Therapy, while bringing in tools from other modalities when needed. I am particularly interested in working with clients dealing with anxiety since anxiety manifests differently for each person and can appear more severe at different times throughout life. I help clients recognize and quiet the negative mental chatter and encourage them to overcome past suffering to make lasting changes.

My clients include adults and adolescents with busy lives experiencing anxiety, life transition, stress, PTSD, relationship distress, premarital guidance, anxiety-induced depression, and work (school)/life balance (self-care).

I am a Nashville Native, a true unicorn, and grew up in the area. I received my Undergraduate degree from The University of Tennessee Knoxville and received my Masters from Lipscomb University. As a clinician and teacher, I have a diverse professional background including work in a doctor’s office, hospital, private practice,  schools, and in-home counseling. Working in diverse clinical settings has strengthened my passion for working with individuals dealing with various life stressors and demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit. Dance also is a major part of my story, therefore, I strive to bring understanding to the importance of freedom and movement of the mind and body.

My Story

How I became a Therapist / Coach.

     Coming out of college, I had an opportunity to continue my work with inner city youth in Knoxville, TN. I had already worked as an AmeriCorp member for an after-school enrichment program, so I figured why not move into leadership in the company. Prime timing and faith presented an opportunity to continue serving the youth through an enrichment program in the area. I knew then I wanted to work in counseling but just couldn’t find the right move. So instead, I started mentoring the youth through the program and enjoyed myself. But, I knew I still wanted more, therefore I decided to get back into school to pursue guidance counseling. While going through my courses, I was always listening to the guidance of my fellow classmates. They continuously spoke about being teachers at the current time and the experience of working in the schools. This prompted a move to Dallas, TX on faith to complete a teaching program in a year. Well guess what, I did complete that program and thoroughly enjoyed yet another year, but something was pulling my heart back to Tennessee. I then applied for a teaching position as an Exceptional Education teacher in Nashville, TN. After much prayer and many blessings, I was able to secure a teaching position as the school year was beginning. 


     I loved my teaching experience but I continued to feel something was missing. My IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings always ran long due to the parents providing me with their story, because I truly cared about what made the kid that sat in my classroom. This led me to start listening to my students more. I would sit by them in class, while co-teaching, and just ask if they were “okay”. Many would reply with a story of their evening or something going on in their home. This made me think, “wow, how is this baby concentrating on the lesson with all this going on”, which led me again to start looking up programs for counseling. (spoiler: I never really stopped looking) In my search, I started talking to a colleague, who introduced me to Marriage and Family Therapy. 

     Eureka! Marriage and Family Therapy was exactly what I had been searching for all these years. This was the program that was missing. I could still get to my babies while they were at school but also would be able to counsel couples, families, and individuals in private practice. I continued to work full time while completing the rigorous program at Lipscomb University and eventually started to feel my lost call being answered. It wasn’t easy but I fought hard to become an LMFT and fulfill my dream of helping people.

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