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Private Pay 

 Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience therapy, please reach out even if these prices look intimidating. 

*Please inquire about package deals*

* Initial Individual session is 75 minutes and costs $200

This session type is for individuals, adults or adolescents, seeking therapy for a variety of reasons. During this 50 minute session, we will explore ways to increase self-awareness and empower you to approach life in a way that enhances health and well-being.

Individual    $180

Trainings and Meetings  $300/hr 

Training a group of individuals on self-care, boundaries, healthy workspaces, and burnout. See the page dedicated to training. 

* Initial Couples / Family is 90 minutes at $220

Couple / Family    $ 200

This session type is for couples needing premarital or distress counsel -OR- Families needing to find a peace among its members. During this 60 minute session, couples and families will discover ways to communicate, cope, and understand one another to form a healthy relational balance.


Telehealth services are performed via video platform for all private practice individuals, families, or couples. See the above amounts.

** In person training / sessions are to be scheduled with advanced notice and hold a 5 business days prior cancellation policy.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Strip through electronics record, Venmo, or Cash App. 


Do you accept health insurance?

No, and there are a few reasons why. A major reason entails, that I’d like to work for you, not your insurance company, and protect your privacy to my utmost ability. I can provide a superbill but it will be the client's responsibility to be in contact with their insurance company, not the clinicians. There are other reasons that I would be happy to discuss during a try-on session.


Do you offer sliding scale fees?

Sliding scale means a discounted rate based on income. I do offer a limited number of sliding scale fee spots, please schedule a try session to discuss.

What is a try session?

“Try Sessions” are a 15-minute (phone or video) immersive learning session. Attempting to answer the questions: What does it feel like to go to therapy? Am I a good fit with this therapist?

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